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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Vicious PS3 Team won Semi-final match declared “Greatest Ever Match”

BSRC Court5 – Vicious PS3 team, No.1 DRM Doublestar league ranking defeated No.3 ranking Pasukan Tennis Kg Jaring 6-2, 7-6(7-1) in Tuesdays DRM Doublestar Semi-final to clinch their 8th victory as a duo.
“It feels great to have won the semi-final match. We have been playing very solid tennis from the first set.” said VS PS3. “Pasukan Tennis kg Jaring played very well and we don’t want to receive any excuses that they were not 100% fit. On that night, we had a very good sleep and very happy with the day, first DRM Doublestar tournament ever and we reach the final, VS PS3 added.
“All players played very good tennis match and we have to congratulate them,” said Pasukan Tennis Kg Jaring team. “We don’t want to make any excuses,did try our very best on every single set and game but at the end, luck was not on our side”. Second set, Pasukan Tennis Kg Jaring hit 11 winning points more than Vicious PS3 but was broken 5 times making errors quite similar with 1st set
The No.1 DRM league ranking, Vicious PS3 will play the winner of the Semi-final #1 Anjang Harapan team (Amy – The Drop Killer & Rijal – Winner of BSRC Single Open). Dating back to the league 1st round match last few months, the big guns duo Anjang harapan defeated the mighty Vicious PS3 with the score 9-6 and this upcoming final match will be a “Greatest Double Match Ever in the country”.
Certainly Vicious PS3 team will look to avenge their lost in the 1st round league match to No.2 Anjang Harapan in the final.

Sorry..No Photo Taken..!! :-(

Sunday, August 10, 2008

WeekEnd News: 2 DRMErs Won BSRC Single Tournament

Our 2 DRMers are: RiJaL - Winner of the Single Tennis Trophy Group and Havley (Pye) Winner of the Single Tennis Plate Group

Congrats to both of you...the BSRC Tennis Single Tournament started on last Sunday and ended yesterday with the Prizes Presentation. The Group stages were divided into 4 : Champion, Trophy, Plate and Cup. Rijal and DRM tennis Captain in Trophy group, Azlan Cup group and Havley in the Plate group.

Photo above Rijal was in the group stage, he trashed out all the opponents includes the DRM tennis captain made him top of the league table Trophy group. He won the semi-final match with easy game..handal kali lah..and in the final yesterday, he knocked-out the BSRC Vice-captain with the score 6-4, 7-6. COngrats..

Pye (Havley) what an easy game for him to be the Winner in the Plate group. He totally trashed his indian opponents..belasah abis... 1st match 9-1, 9-2, 9-0 in group stage. Quite tough match as if we look at his Semi-final, but it was easy for him to send his opponent early go home (awal balik kampong..hehehe) with 6-3, 6-3. Then Final..hmm.. defeated his opponent until balik kampong india tarus..heheh..Congrats..

DRM RULES.....................!!!!!!!!

Report Carelessly by DRM Captain
Sorry for the low quality photo

Friday, August 1, 2008

Anjang Harapan in DRM DoubleStar Master Final

Photo Taken by DRM Tennis PhotoGrapHer (Radhi)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

HeaDLiNe NeWs...

ReaDy FoR SeMi-FiNaL...

Semi-Final #1 BSRC Court 4 (Thursday, 31st July)
Semi-Final # 2 BSRC Court 4 (Monday 11th August)

Friday, July 25, 2008

Top 4 Teams advance to Next round -Semi-final

COngratulations to the Top 4 teams made it to the Semi-Final

- Vicious PS3
- Anjang Harapan
- Pasukan Tennis Kg jaring
- Termakan Sudah Pau atu

Semi-final match 1
Vicious PS3 vs Pasukan Tennis Kg Jaring (Tuesday 29th July on Court 4 - 5pm)

Semi-final match 2
Anjang Harapan vs Termakan Sudah Pau atu (Thursday 31st July on Court 4 - 5pm)

Semi-final Match - Best of 3 sets.. which team wins 2 sets wins the Match.. (Race to 6 games per set) - Same standard as ATP tour..

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

DoubLe Star League 1st Round Final week..

DRM fun Doublestar League 2008 is now coming to the 2nd round Knockout Semi-final stage confirming to be played next week 29th and 31st july at Court 4.
Yesterday Tuesday , despite this is the last week of the league, less interest shown by the other team which only one game played between Termakan Sudah Pau atu vs Vicious PS3. The fun & laughter match ended with Termakn Sudah Pau atu lost 2-9 and still have chance to proceed next round with if they can defeat their next oppponent team.

WTP ToUr PaRty & FasHioN..

The Tour Party

Yan Zi of China...arrrrrr.....!!!


Jelena Jankovic

Indian Tennis Star - Sunitha Rao & Sania Mirza

Ana Ivanovic running shot
Maria Sharapova's tuxedo

Friday, July 4, 2008

Wimbledon FeveR

After defeated Dummy Kill shot Team 9-7, does Pasukan Tennis Kg Jaring Team still ada chance advance to Second round Semi-final match? We wait & see..... or else "Lu Pikir lah Sendiri...."
Wimbledon fever.. While waiting for uploading pics in this blog, I'm watching Semi-final match R.Nadal vs Schuttlerof German (Macam Euro final Spain vs Germany..)!!! Gila yo..his superb top spin... rugi if you guys DRM Pro don't watch this match...

Wimbledon 100Plus Lime - Pye Sponsor..

Calling for Wimbledon Dummy..

Wimbledon miss hit... ooppss..!! mana bola..??

Wimbledon Superfly Volley kill shot.. Wimbledon Victory..!!! (Sir..Paper sir..hehee)

Wimbledon Frustation..N. Djokovic early exit 2nd round.. Wimbledon talks on Grass LongKang..

Wimbledon Sweet Smile...Model..
Wimbledon Handover Captain...

Friday, June 27, 2008

1st Team to reach Semi-Final....Anjang Harapan..

Their final game of the league defeated Termakan Sudah Pau atu 9-3, Anjang Harapan team has completed 8 matches with 7 won and 1 lost, the 1st team to reach Semi-Final with plenty of time to practise about a month. The first match of the 2nd round Semi-Final will be on this coming 5th August Tuesday.
Comment from Termakan Sudah Pau atu team on their lost..they are too good returning the ball, not much making unforced errors like what we did, takde focus lah...we made too much Double fault serve. But the main reason our lost were...we have our secret it for the Semi..
TO Other Teams..
1st Semi-Final - 5th August (Tuesday) Court 4
2nd Semi-Final - 7th August (Thursday) Court 4
Final - 12th August (Tuesday) Center Court 3.
Advice to complete your 8 games 1st round league before 5th August.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Is the Pau Still Special? ; Vicious PS3 shows No Mercy..

Is the Pau still special in the league menu?
Pau Special WYWY team has lost again on their 3rd game of the league against Pasukan Tennis Kg Jaring with the score 9-2. (Court 4)

At the same time Court 5, Vicious PS3 team shows "No mercy" defeated Belia-belia Jaring 9-1.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

League Update Results..Favourite Score match 69

Last match Results.......

Doublestar League Complete Table

Friday, June 6, 2008

AnJanG HaRaPan Leads the TaBLe..Advcance to 2nd Round..

After crucial match lost to Pasukan Tennis Kg Jaring, Anjang Harapan is back on fire defeated Belia-belia Binjai 9-4 last Thursday. 6 points clear leads the league table with 15 points with remaining 2 games to play and with the captain’s calculation & assumption, definite this team as the favourite team of the league will advance to the 2nd round knock-out stage.

Match Results